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Al V. Corbi

Security Solutions

Editors’ Note

Al Corbi created the science of modern day ballistic resistant security for residences, corporate headquarters, and super-yachts in response to the global need for ultimate protective systems. He began designing security systems in 1971 with the then unique approach of isolating the client while documenting the event, then managing the threat. In 1975, Corbi took on a parallel assignment designing secret and secure installations for the U.S. Department of Justice, other U.S. agencies, and governments worldwide.

Company Brief

SAFE (Strategically Armored and Fortified Environments; www.SAFE-US.com) provides the most effective security systems for high-net-worth individuals for their residences, executive office suites, and superyachts. These systems consist of four major components: Hardening; NBC Complex, including shelter, generator, communications, and provisions; Medical Assistance, including on-site medical equipment, communication to a remote provider, and discrete emergency evacuation; and event management. In addition, SAFE offers a number of components that provide Situational Awareness, Access Control, and Tactical Advantages.

What are the challenges in developing a brand like SAFE in your market?

The first challenge to brand awareness has been category awareness. Because SAFE has introduced the most comprehensive security solutions to the world, we have been operating virtually alone as a category unto ourselves in the high-end security market. Our goal has been to educate our target market on just how much power and control uncompromising security solutions can provide them, which cannot be achieved through traditional methods of alarms and/or a live security staff. As the need for effective security solutions has increased, SAFE has been successful in creating a paradigm shift in the way clients and potential clients view estate and super-yacht security. Brand awareness for our company was thus born out of an elevated understanding within our target market of what is needed to provide truly effective security solutions, greater expectations, and, ultimately, greater demand for our unique products and services.

Can you give a brief overview of the products and services you offer clients?

Our focus has been to protect our clients in as many areas of potential vulnerability as possible. Our primary products protect from all threats, including natural disasters. At the heart of protection from random or premeditated threats is hardening and isolation. SAFE created the Safe Core, impenetrable areas of protected walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and windows, seamlessly and invisibly embedded into the architecture of a home or yacht. Safe Cores allow family members to remain isolated from any potential threat yet in complete control of their property and the event. Unlike safe rooms that have been used since the time of pharaohs, Safe Cores are the natural broad living areas of the property in which you are already safe before conflict arises, thereby guaranteeing your protection. Safe Cores can encompass one room or the entire home invisibly. Surveillance, detection, and deterrence add extra layers of protection.

For more advanced control, SAFE offers biometrics for keyless entry and access control systems linking all door, window, detection, surveillance, and response systems.

NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) Shelters are part of SAFE’s overall designs if requested. Increasing numbers of clients worldwide want the extra protection from nuclear warfare, terrorists’ attacks, or airborne viruses, such as the bird flu.

SAFE’s comprehensive security solutions are completely custom and scalable to fit the needs and lifestyles of each client. From 24 hour medical emergency care to personnel oversight, our goal is to provide our clients with effective security and the peace of mind that accompanies those choices.

How does SAFE differentiate from its competitors in this environment?

Most people today are needlessly vulnerable in their own homes. Their degree of safety in the event of a break-in depends 100 percent on their preparation. The focus with our clients is on preparation, not reaction. We have blazed a trail integrating a broad range of security solutions, which together provide an unprecedented level of security. To date, no other companies share that path. Our most frequent response from clients is, “I just didn’t know these options were available to me.” In our experience, security services from the more traditional security companies are far narrower, often single focused. If a threat comes in a predictable way, they can be effective. SAFE does not make assumptions about the unknown.

As President and Founder of SAFE, what is your primary focus within the firm?

As the President and Founder of SAFE, my primary role is to carry out our mission to protect our clients from any and all possible threats. More often than not, I function as a Chief Creative Officer creatively planning for the worst case scenarios. I then direct the various disciplines within SAFE as we collectively create the appropriate, and often unconventional, solutions. There is no one-size-fits-all in our business; each client requires a highly customized and confidential approach for their homes and yachts. And client identities are never revealed. We operate with a system of codes to maintain an uncompromising commitment to protection. From the very basic to the “beyond Bond,” my role is to create the right balance for each client.

What are SAFE’S key priorities for the coming year to ensure continued success?

SAFE’s key priority is completing our 39th consecutive year without having a single client harmed while they are within a SAFE environment. We plan to continue our aggressive research and development efforts in creating our proprietary systems. Our goal is to manage the unprecedented socioeconomic and psychological shifts that are occurring worldwide that adversely affect prominent properties and their owners.