Luo Zilin, Miss Universe China 2011

Luo Zilin

Beauty as a Source of Power

Editors’ Note

A Chinese fashion model, Luo Zilin was crowned Miss Universe China in July 2011. She represented China in the Miss Universe 2011 Pageant in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where she was fourth runner up. Zilin graduated with a degree in Tourism Management from Ouhua College in Shanghai in 2009. She started her career as a professional model in 2003 and has done work for well-known brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, UPS, and Qingdao Beer. She has also served as the brand spokesperson in Shanghai for the Shangri-La Hotel Jade 36 Bar. Zilin participated in New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012, the 2011 Shanghai Fashion Week, the 2006 China Fashion Week, and the 2005 Singapore Fashion week, and has been a red carpet or VIP guest for brands such as Ferrari, Mercedes, and Coca-Cola. She earned second place in the 2003 Shanghai International Model Finals while still in high school, was the winner of the 2004 5th CCTV Model Competition for the Hefei Region, and 3rd runner-up overall in China for the 2004 5th CCTV Model Competition National Finals.

The delegates who become part of the Miss Universe Organization compete with the hope of advancing their careers, personal, and humanitarian goals, and as women who seek to improve the lives of others. How do you intend to fulfill this role as Miss Universe China?

I’m trying to build the bridge between China and the rest of the world, giving people who are interested the opportunity to get to know the real China. I have been invited by Brazil to promote the World Cup for Soccer, so I will try my best to show the culture and values of China, as well as how beautiful and amazing the games in Brazil will be.

How do you hope to change perceptions of China by representing the country in international competition?

I’m trying to do more charity work in person and ask more people to join us, to help them realize how important giving back is. This past June in Shanghai, I was host to a 1,000-person charity gala dinner to help raise money for women’s and children’s causes. During the beauty pageant in Brazil, I attended the Operation Smile event; I went to the hospital to visit the children prior to their operations to cheer them up. I also Tweet in Chinese about the value of respecting our elders.

What kind of an impact will events like Miss Universe China have on the country in the future? Do you anticipate more events like this in China over time?

With all the development, there are so many opportunities in China and I’m so proud right now to be Chinese. At the same time, I hope the rest of the world will link up with China so we can help each other grow and develop.

Would you elaborate on the process you’ve gone through in achieving this title?

I used to be so shy – I barely ever spoke in class. I attended a modeling competition just for fun and won first place in Shanghai. After that, I developed tremendous confidence, but it was still just onstage. I never considered myself attractive – I wished to have white skin and thin lips when I was a child because that is the traditional beauty standard in China.

A good friend suggested I enter Miss Universe China last year. I hesitated because I never believed I could make it, but the last minute decision to enter changed my life.

I flew to Beijing from Shanghai to the pageant and got crowned on July 10th. It was the most special night of my life – like a dream.

After that, I flew to New York and got one month of training to prepare for the world final in Brazil, where I was chosen as the fourth runner up.

After that, I started attending all kinds of events: I went to different countries, attended the Monaco Rose Ball, did a fashion show in New York, and went to London for the Olympics; my life became so colorful.

What are your specific goals for the future, both personally and professionally?

I hope to have my own fashion jewelry brand and to also work at helping more people around the world.

How has the involvement of Yue-Sai Kan impacted the Miss Universe China pageant?

Yue-Sai let more people know about beauty and pageants, and encouraged women to use their beauty as a source of power.•

"International events like Miss Universe China foster communication between China and the rest of the world. We hope more events like this will be held in China to help promote the tourist industry in the country, as well as assist in overall development."

– Mario Garnero, Brasilinvest