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Donald J. Trump

The Trump Brand

Editors’ Note

Donald Trump is the author of 15 best-selling books, including The Art of the Deal, The Art of the Comeback, How to Get Rich, Think Like a Billionaire, Never Give Up, Why We Want You To Be Rich, Think Like a Champion, Midas Touch, and Time To Get Tough. He serves on the board of the Police Athletic League and is Chairman of the Donald J. Trump Foundation. Trump is also the co-producer and star of The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, and in January 2007, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He is a graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and recently received the Statesman of the Year award from the Sarasota GOP.

Company Brief

The Trump Organization (www.trump.com) is a premier international real estate company with holdings that include the Trump International Hotel & Tower, the Trump World Tower at the United Nations Plaza, and Trump Park Avenue. Headquartered in Trump Tower in New York, The Trump Organization also owns The Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, and 15 nationally and internationally acclaimed golf courses. The most recent acquisition is the iconic Doral in Miami, encompassing 800 acres, and the highly esteemed Trump International Golf Links, opened in Aberdeen, Scotland in July of last year. The Trump Organization was chosen as the developer for the Old Post Office Building in Washington, D.C. in early 2012.

You have said that the Trump brand represents the gold standard around the globe. What does this mean and how do you describe what makes Trump so special?

Trump is synonymous with the highest quality available and the luxury market. What makes us special is that we provide the best of everything: design, comfort, amenities, service, and so on. We are instantly recognizable and for all the right reasons.

You have stated your concern regarding the United States losing its position as a global leader. What needs to be done to ensure that the United States maintains its leadership position around the world?

The U.S. needs leadership and strong negotiators, both of which are lacking. We cannot continue to blunder our way through international relations and permit the blunders and scandals that erupt on an almost daily basis nationally. We have lost our position as a global leader and we have not set a good example for our youth. It’s not a climate for idealism or strong values and that is a disservice to our young people.

As a leading entrepreneur, what are your views on the critical role that entrepreneurship plays in building a growth economy?

Entrepreneurs built this country. Our power has come from the people who have created businesses and employed others. It is definitely a critical role that has been undervalued and even maligned by the current administration. Again, this is not a good example for our youth, who should be encouraged to think innovatively for the good of everyone. An indication of life is growth and that aspect of the economy should not be neglected.

How is the New York real estate market faring today and do good opportunities exist at this time?

There are always opportunities but you have to know what you are doing. The New York real estate market has come back to a great extent and I think it has stabilized. New York remains vital and despite the cycles, which are to be expected, it always comes back.

You have been prominent in New York City real estate for many years. Are you surprised that areas like the Lower East Side, Chelsea, the Meatpacking District, and Brooklyn have recently become so popular?

New York has a diversity that invites development in every area. The potential is limitless even though it is a relatively small area. There is tremendous energy here and people will always be attracted to it. You cannot be complacent in New York City and that attracts the right people. Formerly undesirable neighborhoods have become prime real estate and that trend will continue. I have the utmost confidence that New York City will remain the greatest city in the world and will become even greater.

The Trump Hotel Collection has continued to grow and expand into new markets. What are the key characteristics of a Trump hotel and how large can the collection become?

The world is a big place and the Trump Hotel Collection can handle that. There are not many boundaries when it comes to a gold standard hotel. Cities want the Trump presence and we are often asked to build in a variety of countries. The key characteristic is the highest quality available on every level. We are known for our impeccable service and thoughtfulness towards our guests.

Many business leaders speak of the value of having a Mayor like Mike Bloomberg who has engaged the business community on issues related to New York City. How critical will it be for the next Mayor to work with the private sector to ensure New York City’s continued strength and growth?

It’s absolutely vital. Bloomberg has been a strong advocate for the business community because this is what keeps the city thriving. Without jobs, there is no city. It is fairly simple to see how the substructure works, but many politicians do not have the strong business background to capitalize on this substructure. Bloomberg understands this and let’s hope his successor will as well.

Your children have continued to assume increased responsibility within the business. How special is it for you to see them become leaders in their respective areas of focus?

I am very proud of them, as they have done a tremendous job. Best of all, they are passionate about their work and it shows. What they’ve done with the Hotel Collection alone is a testament to their abilities. They have the ability and intelligence to handle many projects at once and their thoroughness is apparent.

Do you ever take time to reflect on all of your successes?

Not as a matter of course, but if I am reminded of something I did a while ago in an article or book, I will think about it. I am moving forward rapidly so reflection is not on the agenda, but it happens. I recently realized that my first book, The Art of the Deal, came out in 1987. It remains a popular book and is considered a business classic. Recently, I saw a picture of the Wollman Rink ribbon cutting and that was another great moment to remember.•