Daniel Buchuk, SimilarWeb

Daniel Buchuk

Making the Most
of the Internet

Editors’ Note

Prior to joining SimilarWeb, Daniel Buchuk spent six years working for the BBC in London across various segments of marketing, communications, and brand strategy where he led the global marketing launches for TV shows including Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Luther. He graduated with honors in Marketing Management from Manchester Metropolitan University and is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Company Brief

SimilarWeb (similarweb.com) is obsessed with helping people and businesses discover what the Web has to offer. Everyday a vast amount of new information is added to the Internet. This information-overload forces Internet users to sift through search engine results with hopes of finding relevant information. SimilarWeb, the global leader in finding and interpreting online information, has created an informative, yet simple way for Internet users to experience the very best that the Web has to offer.

What was the mission behind the creation of SimilarWeb?

Our mission is to empower people, businesses, and organizations to explore the Internet. We develop Web sites, applications, and software solutions that help our users understand and make the most of the Internet.

Would you provide an overview of the products you offer?

SimilarWeb is our new competitive intelligence platform. It enables anyone to understand Web traffic to and from any site on the Internet – a powerful tool to benchmark online performance and discover new sources of traffic to grow and nurture your digital audience.

What differentiates SimilarWeb from its competitors?

Our ambition is to democratize online competitive intelligence. We provide high-end online insights about any Web site, completely free of charge and without any commitment to register. Even our premium solution, SimilarWeb PRO, starts at $99 per month so any entrepreneur, freelancer, or SMB can afford the best online competitive insights. In the past, this luxury was reserved strictly for enterprises and big brands.

Would you touch on the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in Tel Aviv, as well as the strength of its workforce?

Professionals around the world are no longer looking for a defined career path. Instead, they seek the right lifestyle to grow personally, professionally, and financially. For these reasons, the past decade has seen Tel Aviv become a magnet for top talent from all over the world. The high-tech industry in particular has benefited from this wave of foreign talent as Israeli entrepreneurs tirelessly build innovative products for a global audience.

What is your focus on attracting and retaining top talent?

Attracting and retaining the best talent is our top priority as a business. At SimilarWeb, everyone is an entrepreneur with ideas and ambitions that go beyond their day jobs, so while most companies celebrate the day an employee joins their team, we also celebrate the day an employee leaves us to pursue his or her dreams.

What are the key priorities for SimilarWeb moving forward?

Eighteen months ago, I joined SimilarWeb as the eighth employee; today, we have more than 60 employees. We are growing at a tremendous rate – 15 positions are open, we have an office in London, and we have plans to open local offices in the U.S. and Germany within the next 12 months. Growing isn’t easy – our challenge is to scale our operation in a way that keeps us physically close to our customers while retaining our entrepreneurial and innovative culture.•