Editorial Policy

LEADERS is written by the world’s leaders and has been described as “the exclusive boardroom of the best and the brightest.”

The purpose of LEADERS Magazine is to present thoughts to a worldwide audience of their contemporaries, who can put to use their ideas and philosophies for the betterment of mankind.

LEADERS Magazine is a forum of thought. The interviews and articles that appear in the magazine represent the considered thoughts of the world leadership community. These experts are well recognized as being at the top of their respective fields and are chosen to contribute for that reason, without commercial considerations.

No one is paid to write or be interviewed, and LEADERS accepts no remuneration from any editorial feature.

LEADERS Magazine is a careful blend of international business, management, lifestyle, and technology. In most every case, the treatment of these subjects in LEADERS is different from the homogenization of ideas found in most other publications.

The focus of the LEADERS audience is upon:

Coping with change

Developing a vision

Creating alignments and coalitions

Setting directions

Energizing strategies

Creating a profitable future

Thus, the editorial content of LEADERS focuses upon the future. It does not record events. It does not provide historical background.

Instead, LEADERS acknowledges that the reader is well aware of the antecedents and origins of subjects covered. The world’s leadership community most certainly is the most overcommunicated group of people. They have virtually unlimited information resources at their disposal.

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