July, August, September 2007

Volume 30, Number 3



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Editors' Letter

Letters From Leaders

Donald R. Keough, Chairman of the Board, Allen & Company, Inc.

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Weill’s Work

An Interview with Sanford I. Weill, Chairman Emeritus, Citigroup Inc., New York

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Bringing Sustainable Benefits to Societies

An Interview with Rex W. Tillerson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Irving, Texas

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A Strong and Focused Community Presence

An Interview with Harold McGraw III, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, The McGraw-Hill Companies, New York

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The Human Dimension

An Interview with Ivan G. Seidenberg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Verizon Communications Inc., New York

Pages 22-23, 2 pages


Life Lessons from Greenberg

An Interview with Maurice R. Greenberg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, C. V. Starr & Co., Inc., New York

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Women Leaders Contents

Leadership That Stands for Something

An Interview with Richard D. Parsons,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Time Warner Inc., New York

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Leading by Example

An Interview with Robert B. Catell,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, KeySpan Corporation, Brooklyn, New York

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Zurich Basics

An Interview with James J. Schiro, Chief Executive Officer,
Zurich Financial Services Group, Zurich

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NBA Cares

  • NBA Cares
    An Interview with David Stern, Commissioner, National Basketball Association (NBA), New York
  • Caring About Community
    An Interview with Kathleen Behrens, Senior Vice President, Community and Player Programs, National Basketball Association, New York
  • Fostering Player Involvement
    An Interview with Bob Lanier, Special Assistant to the NBA Commissioner, New York
  • Mutombo’s Mission
    An Interview with Dikembe Mutombo, Chairman and President, Dikembe Mutombo Foundation, Inc., Atlanta
  • Helping Out the Hometown
    An Interview with Chris Paul, Founder, CP3 Foundation, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Dealing with a Global Crisis
    An Interview with Ruth Riley, San Antonio Silver Stars, WNBA, San Antonio
  • Focused Squarely on Results
    An Interview with Ann M. Veneman, Executive Director, UNICEF, New York
  • A Model Campaign
    An Interview with Kathy Bushkin Calvin, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, United Nations Foundation, Washington, DC
  • A Life Changing Experience
    An Interview with David Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, Phoenix
  • A Volunteer-Driven Organization
    An Interview with Chris Clarke, Senior Vice President, Communications, Habitat for Humanity International, Atlanta

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The Value of a Name

An Interview with Donald J. Trump,
President and Chief Executive Officer, The Trump Organization, New York

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Balancing the Global Equation

An Interview with Samuel A. DiPiazza Jr., Global Chief Executive Officer, and Gene Donnelly, Global Managing Partner, Advisory and Tax, PricewaterhouseCoopers, New York

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Inside Private Client Insurance

An Interview with Charles Williamson, President, AIG Private Client Group, New York, and Paul Funk, Executive Managing Director, Frank Crystal & Company, New York

Pages 98-99, 2 pages

Financing the Road to the White House

An Interview with Terence R. McAuliffe, Chairman, Hillary Clinton for President Committee, Washington, DC

Pages 102-103, 2 pages


Behavioral Wealth Management

An Interview with Andrew Rosenfield,
Managing Partner, Guggenheim Partners, LLC, Chicago

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de Clerck

Call of the Wild

An Interview with Steven E. Sanderson,
President and Chief Executive Officer, Wildlife Conservation Society, New York

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A Complete Product Offering

An Interview with Gretchen McClain, President, Fluid Technology Group, and Vice President, ITT Corporation, White Plains, New York

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de Clerck

Private Jet Charter: A Quality Experience

An Interview with Nathan W. McKelvey, Chief Executive Officer, Jets.com, Quincy, Massachusetts

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Editor's Choices

Editor's Choices

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Things No One Ever Tells You

By Jim Aylward

Pages 145-146, 2 pages