Entrepreneurs in Healthcare


Nancy Levitt-Rosenthal

A Timeless Mission

Editors’ Note

Nancy Levitt-Rosenthal joined the Greenwich Hospital senior management team in 1990. Prior to Greenwich Hospital, Rosenthal was the Vice President for Marketing and Business Development at Iowa Health System, and before that, a Senior Research Analyst at Market Opinion Research in Detroit, focusing on health care. She is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives and serves as its Regent for the State of Connecticut. She is also a Board Member of the Jewish Home for the Aged and serves on a number of other community and professional boards. Rosenthal received her Masters in Public Health degree from the University of Michigan.

Can you give a brief overview of your role at Greenwich Hospital and your key areas of focus?

I wear many hats at the hospital: strategic planning, business development, marketing, public relations and community relations, and physician relations. I also manage a few different departments. I work with staff at all levels within the hospital as well as the Board of Trustees. I also have responsibilities within Yale New Haven Health System. But the most all-encompassing is focusing on the overall direction of the hospital, making sure the mission is met, and helping facilitate the future direction of the hospital.

Today, Greenwich Hospital is a regional player. Is that well understood, and how do you focus on getting that message out?

We strive to be the premier regional health care provider to residents within Fairfield and Westchester counties, and that vision permeates throughout all aspects of implementation, whether it’s at the clinical level, the community service level, or through our promotional efforts. We provide a tremendous amount of outreach to people within Fairfield and Westchester County communities through screenings, educational fairs, and clinical town meetings on a variety of health topics and other face-to-face interactions. We also reach out through radio, newspaper, television, magazines, and online forums to inform people what we have to offer at the hospital. Over the past 10 years, we’ve doubled our reach into neighboring communities.

Our culture at the hospital is one of service excellence, of providing exceptional care, and of going beyond people’s expectations. While it didn’t happen overnight, many years of education, of developing the appropriate internal tools, and of communicating the message from top management, have led to each employee being empowered to go out of his or her way to provide top-notch service excellence through compassionate and empathetic interactions with patients, peers, and everyone with whom he or she comes in contact. It’s an extremely important part of our brand and hence, our culture.

How important is that focus on community relations to the culture of Greenwich Hospital?

Our culture and brand personally invites everyone within the communities we serve to experience Greenwich Hospital. We hope that residents will not only think of Greenwich Hospital when they are so ill that they need to be admitted, but also look to us as a resource to stay healthy and informed. Through our community relations and outreach efforts, we try very hard to touch as many people as we can with local offerings.