Mikhael Massih, Millage

Mikhael Massih

A Trademark Design

Company Brief

Millage (www.millage.com) has been creating uniquely designed timepieces in the United States since 1997 and they manufacture their watches in their own factories in Europe. Throughout its history, shoppers have turned to Millage for value, integrity, and one of the world’s finest selections of timepieces. The company offers well over 80 different dial colors in more than 100 unique and incomparable styles.


Rogue SLS Black and Silver

Would you provide an overview of the Millage brand and how you define your target market?

We do not compare our company with any other. However, when asked for a comparison, we feel that Breguet is in the same league as us.

What are the main collections for Millage and would you highlight some of the new pieces that you are offering?

The Millage Tourbillion collection, Greenwich collection, and Millage Esquire Collection are the cornerstone of our designer line.


Tourbillion White on Rose Gold

Are you happy with the awareness for the brand and how are you working to build better recognition for Millage in the marketplace?

No, this is the tough part. But we have new marketing and advertising strategies in place and feel that we can now reach and develop new areas.

How have you been able to lead in customer service and how critical is this to the brand?

We strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction; our last survey ran well over 97 percent.


Esquire - SIPB TT

With your Web site, the brand is reaching the global market. Is the United States your main focus or do you foresee strong growth opportunities internationally?

We are an international company and appreciate the global opportunities that looking into the future should develop very well for us.

In such a crowded market with so many watch brands, what differentiates Millage from its competitors?

Our trademark design, which reaches a broader market. So many brands miss this opportunity by limiting colors and styles.

What are your key priorities for the brand as you look to the future?

Being ahead of the curve in design and a front-runner in technology.•