Sasson Basha, Aaron Basha

Sasson Basha

Celebrating Special Moments

Editors’ Note

Sasson Basha knew from a young age that he would go into the family business established by his father Aaron Basha. He handles marketing and public relations duties for the company and provides the inspiration for many of the company’s charitable initiatives.

Company Brief

Established in 1906 as a pearl dealership, family owned-and-operated jeweler Aaron Basha (www.aaronbasha.com) was housed on London’s prestigious Berkeley Square until 1990 when the company moved to its flagship store on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue. Aaron Basha’s innovative products include their world-renowned baby shoe collection of pendants and charms, as well as many other designs and styles made from 18-karat gold, platinum, fine enamel, diamonds, and other precious gems. The Aaron Basha collections are available in high-end department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Harrods in London, in addition to several fine jewelers worldwide.

How have the collections of Aaron Basha evolved?

The different collections represent different themes. They are all connected as we represent and celebrate special moments in everyone’s lives.

The collection ranges from the ladybug collection that represents good luck and is colorful and versatile in rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces to the collection of baby shoes, which is our staple and symbolic with children and grandchildren.

Aaron Basha evil eye bracelet

Aaron Basha evil eye bracelet

We also have a beautiful collection of lifestyle products featuring sport themes, hearts, and sea life, and we also have the other collection of evil eye products that represent good luck and fortune.

All of them are connected by representing people’s special moments.

Those collections are all directed towards female clients?

Yes. But our latest collection, which is expanding, is the cuff links and shirt studs, which we specialize in for men.

Are those tied in design-wise with the other collections or are they different?

The themes are the same, but they are more representative of a man’s lifestyle.

With the challenges we’ve seen throughout the recession, are there still opportunities for growth in the U.S. market or will it come mostly from emerging markets?

We are a young brand that has a lot of growth potential, which we are very busy developing both in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Is there a need to have additional stores or can you do business through retailers and partnerships?

Having more independent Aaron Basha boutiques in the U.S. and throughout the world is a key to the future growth of the company, which we are exploring.

We are represented by some of the finest retailers in the country and around the world within their environments.

Aaron Basha Race car cuff links

Aaron Basha Race car cuff links

This brand touches generations. Is there an opportunity for clients to grow with this brand?

The beauty of our brand is that it relates to everyone’s lifestyle, and as their family grows and as their special moments are celebrated, our charms fit.

The charms are the celebration and a lot of our fans are collectors of our brands. Our consumers consistently return to the brands to acquire more.

With the quality you’re offering and the handcraftsmanship, many would think this is a brand directed at a high-end niche market. Are there price points that attract a broader clientele?

We pride ourselves on creating the finest pieces and making our products in the finest manner, both design-wise and craftsmanship-wise.

It’s very costly, especially when we’re making our pieces in Italy and we are challenged with currency rates, as well as metals and diamonds, which have doubled in the past few years.

But we are introducing some new collections that will be at more popular price points and that will cater to a wider audience.

When you look at the way pieces are designed today for Aaron Basha where Aaron himself is involved in this family business, is it still done the way it was at the beginning or does technology now change the way you design or produce pieces?

Technology helps us to introduce our products in a faster and more effective manner, because in using technology and new ideas in design, you get to view the products in a three-dimensional manner before they’re finely crafted.

There is nothing like having a collector handle the product to understand exactly how we’ve perfected it.

When you have salespeople who are not working directly for you, how much do you need to educate and train them to understand the history, tradition, and family culture this brand brings?

It requires extensive, continuous training as we are a unique brand that features unique products and maintains a level of quality of the highest manner.

Aaron Basha Fish cuff links

Aaron Basha Fish cuff links

Customer service on the back end is about knowing your clients and being close to them. How has that helped you become the industry leader in customer service?

We advise our collectors to wear our jewelry and enjoy it as much as they can. If any service is needed and when it’s needed, we understand.

As we deal directly with consumers, we understand that servicing the products is essential and important as each one of those charms represents an important part of their lives, so we do it in an effective and fast manner.

We stand behind our products so we always take care of our clients.

Is the brand today global and how are you penetrating and going into new markets?

We understand that we have a special appeal to consumers and collectors throughout the world, and finding representation and expansion throughout the world is our challenge and target; it’s also our future.

The potential for the growth of our brand relies on the expansion of it. The brand has no border as it relates to people’s emotions, which are similar throughout the world.

We also enjoy bringing smiles to people throughout the world. This is a brand that is about celebration.•