Hilary J. James, Bristol Plaza

Hilary J. James

Luxury Extended Stays

Editors’ Note

Hilary James began her career in the film industry and has held positions with Columbia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros. She also founded her own theater production company and won an OBIE Award for Michael Burrell’s Hess. As a marketing executive and Director of Sales for Bristol Plaza’s developer, Howard Milstein, she was instrumental in the development and management of the luxury residential hotel. She assumed her current role in April 1989.

Property Brief

Bristol Plaza (www.bristolplaza.com) is a luxury residential hotel created to meet the needs of people planning long-term stays in Manhattan. Its 140 suites feature fully equipped kitchens for home dining and the property boasts a health club, swimming pool, and sun deck.

Bristol Plaza’s East 65th Street luxury building

Bristol Plaza’s East 65th Street luxury building

Bristol Plaza is the leader in offering long-term stays in New York City. Are you happy with the brand awareness and understanding of the property in the market?

We are delighted to see that our reputation both in the domestic and international markets continues to grow with ever-increasing numbers of private individuals and corporations seeking long-term accommodation in the city. Bristol Plaza has become synonymous with luxury extended stays in Manhattan as witnessed by the many referrals we receive from all over the world.

How do you define the target market for the property and what is the profile of your guest?

Our tenant profiles are varied: from the worlds of industry and banking, politics, and the arts, our visitors have come to expect the five-star services we offer and enjoy the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that accompany them. Also, families who have to relocate when remodeling their homes or who need temporary housing when moving permanently to the city find the option to stay as long as they wish to be of enormous benefit.

Bristol Plaza’s 50-foot rooftop pool

Bristol Plaza’s 50-foot rooftop pool

How much of a focus are international travelers for you?

Bristol Plaza caters to visitors from all over the world. Many business people reserve suites on a regular basis and our proximity to the internationally renowned medical facilities makes our property extremely convenient for those traveling to New York to receive treatments deemed the finest in the world. All of our suites have fully equipped kitchens that obviate the necessity of dining out every evening and add a measure of homeliness to their stay.

How valuable is the club/rooftop pool in differentiating the property and would you provide an overview of these facilities?

Our health club is considered one of the most attractive private facilities in the city. Our 50-foot rooftop swimming pool and landscaped open sun deck are an absolute prerequisite for many of our guests. Our fully equipped gym boasts the latest state-of-the-art equipment and the sun-filled lounge and small library offer a comfortable and peaceful oasis away from the bustle of the city.

Bristol Plaza’s courteous bellman assisting a guest

Bristol Plaza’s courteous bellman assisting a guest

Your owners have a long-term vision for the business and continue to invest in the property. How critical is the owner relationship to your success, especially during challenging economic times?

The Milstein family’s ownership of Bristol Plaza has always been and continues to be an integral part of our operation. They are justifiably proud of our worldwide reputation as the optimum destination for temporary residence in New York and are pleased with the ever-widening recognition and accolades we receive from our clients.

As you look to 2012, what is your focus for the property to make sure that you retain your strong position in the market?

Our prime focus during the coming year will, as always, be to maintain our high level of service and ensure that our wonderful team of gracious staff continues to be the byword for Bristol Plaza.•