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Market View

While, in general, all of Europe faces the same economic challenges and opportunities, each country is unique and has accepted corporate trade to varying degrees. As a result, we have adapted our business to meet the specific challenges and opportunities in each market.

The proximity of the countries in Europe has made it possible for us to work with many clients in multiple markets, often working with products and managing trade credit usage across borders.

Traveling to the other end of the world, Australia is closely linked with the U.K. in terms of language, culture, and its expat community. This has helped with the acceptance of corporate trade. The market is very open to trading, and clients, as well as media providers, recognize the value of corporate trade.

Whether in Europe or Australia, more and more of our customers are looking for the kind of global efficiencies that corporate trade can offer. Active is the only corporate trade company in a position to deliver this kind of solution to them.•