Scott Segler, The Corcoran Group

Scott Segler

Diversity and Leadership

Editors’ Note

Scott Segler assumed responsibilities as Chief Financial Officer of The Corcoran Group, Citi Habitats, and Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group in 2007 and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2015. Prior to joining Corcoran, he was Chief Financial Officer of Sentigen Holding Corp and previously held senior positions at Capricorn Records, Sony Music, and Price Waterhouse. Segler earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Juris Doctor from The University of Georgia School of Law. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and currently teaches finance as an Adjunct Professor at New York University’s School of Professional Studies.

What is the Corcoran advantage in the marketplace?

Corcoran is distinguished as a leader in sales volume in all of the markets where we operate: Manhattan, Brooklyn, the East End of Long Island, and Palm Beach and Delray Beach, Florida.

The Corcoran advantage is our sales agents and their professional reputations. Ethical relationships are at the core of our company ethos. Our focus on long-term relationships versus short-term sales allows our company to grow, and we take pride in having the most nationally ranked sales agents and teams in the markets we serve.

Would you touch on the strength of the agents and the value in maintaining a diverse workforce?

We are fortunate to work with the best people in the business. Our agents have great experience, talent, and creativity. The heart of that strength is the diversity of our sales force. The Corcoran Group is headquartered in New York, which welcomes people from all over the world. We celebrate diversity – it adds strength to the organization, enabling us to better read our customers and add value to our transactions.

What role does the company play in supporting agents?

Corcoran’s primary mission is to support our sales agents and improve their ability to serve customers with the highest level of industry knowledge and professionalism. All of our initiatives are focused on this objective.

We are evolving our brick-and-mortar offices, engaging new architectural teams, and creating office environments that better embrace new technology and bring new designs that we call our “offices of the future.” We have more offices constructed this year or currently under construction than at any time in our history. We are embracing cloud computing and mobile-first technologies to support our agents wherever they are. Our agent education programs have always been one of our “crown jewels.” Corcoran is focused on providing our agents with the latest office designs, technology, and knowledge, which enables them to reach customers and help them navigate a complicated real estate environment.

What is the value in market research for the firm?

Corcoran was the first residential real estate firm in New York to issue detailed reports and statistical information to the public. Our sales agents are supported by the industry-leading quarterly Corcoran Market Report, which is prepared by a team of very talented, in-house research analysts.

Our CEO also recently created a new tool called QuickStats, which is an app that allows agents to rapidly search a particular market segment and communicate meaningful market research to their clients. It is fully mobile and works on phones, tablets, and desktops. It gives our agents and clients a competitive advantage in pricing negotiations because our agents can confidently give their take on the market based on real data.•