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Jennifer Sousa, Corvias Group

Jennifer Sousa

Long-Term Solutions

Editors’ Note

Jennifer Sousa drives optimization of knowledge and the collection of insights into the business to develop annual plans, inform more long-term strategies, and help generate thoughtful insights and recommendations. She is also responsible for managing the annual business planning cycle, facilitating strategy and process-design projects, and supporting the implementation of corporate strategies. She previously served as Vice President of Accounting and Assistant Controller. Sousa transitioned her career to strategy after working in the financial management function for more than 15 years where she was heavily focused on procuring and integrating new business into the organization. She received a bachelor’s degree and an M.B.A in Financial Management from Johnson & Wales University, and is a graduate of the Leadership Rhode Island program.

Company Brief

Corvias Group (corvias.com) is a privately owned company that strives to tackle complex, large-scale challenges through trusted partnerships that put client interests first, producing sustainable long-term solutions by focusing more on performance than profit. The company works on behalf of the U.S. military, and public and private higher education institutions, as well as municipal and state governments to develop tailored solutions for many of the nation’s most challenging infrastructure deficiencies caused by chronic underinvestment. Their mission is to materially improve the lives of the people their projects touch. Corvias Group is headquartered in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

How have you grown while working at Corvias?

I joined the company as an accountant 17 years ago and worked as an assistant controller during a period of heavy procurement and when we were awarded many of our partnerships with the U.S. Army. While financial management was certainly part of my job, I was always engaged in working on the business operations as well. There is a large difference between working on the business and in the business. People trained in financial management and accounting usually work in the business, but I was also given the incredible opportunity to work on the business starting right when I walked through the door.

I was able to thrive in this position and, as a result, join the strategy function. I became part of a core team of individuals that worked to grow the company into what it is today with multiple government and higher education partnerships. Now I work very closely with our Chief Strategy Officer to develop and integrate new planning systems across the company that align with our strategic business goals.

Corvias has given me countless opportunities in my career to learn, change, and grow. The most recent opportunity was in 2015 to complete the competitive Leadership Rhode Island program, which selects a group of individuals to come together and solve some of the key issues the state is facing. As a result, I was able to bring my experience and knowledge I gained back to Corvias and put it to use in working on our strategic planning initiatives. I am so thankful for how supportive everyone at Corvias was of my participation and giving me the chance to embark on that learning journey.

How do you contribute to the company culture?

I strive to incorporate as many aspects of our partnership model and our core principles into my life at Corvias, as well as outside the company. Just as we strive to enter into long-term partnerships, I am truly invested in the success of the company, as well as all of my team members at Corvias. Also, because the strategy function of my job is more of a coordinating function that facilitates the execution of our business strategy, I endeavor to learn as much as I can from my colleagues about the company and what their specific needs and goals are. As we say to our partners, the right long-term solutions cannot be developed in a vacuum or silo. It is vital that we apply our partnership philosophy to the internal team at Corvias as well and know that understanding and listening to everyone is critical to our success.

What excites you most about the future for Corvias?

Our future is bright in that as a true partner we plan to bring our unique blend of expertise, innovative financing approach, and access to world-class services to new partnerships and develop long-term, value-add solutions that make a significant difference in people’s lives and communities across the country.