David J. Rimmer, Bliss Jet

David J. Rimmer

New York to
London Privately

Editors’ Note

Before founding Bliss Jet, David Rimmer was the president of Alerion Aviation. He also spent more than 10 years at Excelaire LLC, the last two as President. Rimmer is a former Chairman of the National Air Transportation Association’s (NATA) Air Charter Committee, and is a former member of the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) prestigious Corporate Aviation Management Committee (CAMC). He also served on the Board of Governors for the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF).

Company Brief

Bliss Jet (blissjet.com) is the first ultra-exclusive individually ticketed private jet service linking New York and London, providing spacious cabins, comfortable leather seats, custom meals, 30-minute check-in, expedited customs, instant baggage claim, and plane-side ground transfers. All Bliss Jet flights are vetted and approved by respected third-party audit companies, including Wyvern, ARG/US, IS-BAO, and the Air Charter Safety Foundation. Within that safety standard, Bliss Jet requires aircraft and crews who have achieved the highest ratings, including Wyvern Wingman status, ARG/US Platinum, and IS-BAO stage 2 or above. In addition, all passengers and their baggage are screened by highly trained veterans of the law enforcement community.

Bliss Jet Executive Team

Bliss Jet Executive Team – President & CEO, David Rimmer;
Executive Vice President, Toni Drummond; and COO, Omar Diaz

Explain how a client can fly from New York to London in a private jet for great savings.

We depart from the Marine Air Terminal at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. It is the New York Metropolitan area’s most convenient airport. We’re actually restoring the great tradition to LaGuardia of intercontinental air travel. In the U.K, we chose Stansted Airport from eight London area airports. Stansted is a short drive to Canary Wharf, which is a key destination since it’s a major business and commercial center. It is also convenient to Central London.

Would you discuss which qualities differentiate Bliss Jet from other charter companies we hear about?

While the word “unique” can be overused, Bliss Jet truly is a unique product. It is the only option available to buy a single seat on a private jet from New York to London.

While there are 30 opportunities a day to buy a seat on a regular airliner between the two cities, we offer a private and more exclusive service, which most of our customers are accustomed to within the United States, the U.K., and the rest of Europe.

Most people turn to the airlines when they travel between New York and London, and we offer an option that is superior to regular air travel.

How does the cost of using Bliss Jet compare to other companies?

It’s $11,995 each way; it’s a good value and is comparable to a full-fare business or first-class ticket on a regular airline especially when someone considers their time and the quality of the travel.

The typically cumbersome security procedures that exist at the airport are streamlined on Bliss Jet. A customer needs only to show up to the airport 30 minutes before departure. Little time is wasted and every passenger is treated like a valued guest.

With this high level of service, efficiency, and comfort, our passengers are in a much better position to do business and to make their trips more productive.

Would you discuss your expansion plans?

What’s next for Bliss is to expand to additional cities but, before we do that, we want to master London. We would first look at increasing our frequency from one round trip a week; we would also look into operating larger, even more luxurious aircraft as well as expanding into luxury leisure destinations. The market for individually ticketed seats on private jets has a future and it’s about determining where people want to go most.

One advantage of our Bliss Jet team is our understanding (and experience satisfying) the high expectations of private jet passengers and knowing their travel patterns.

Which types of aircraft do you use and do you have a personal preference?

We’re going to be using Gulfstreams, Falcon Jets, and Global Expresses. They’re all beautiful airplanes and I have a positive feeling about each of them. I love the G450 and G550 – they are stunning and modern aircraft. The Falcon 900EX and 7X are also incredible machines. The Global Express has a long, wide cabin with many windows. I am hard-pressed to choose a favorite. Each time one flies privately, it’s a privilege; something to enjoy and appreciate.

Would you discuss your experience with this industry?

I’m very passionate about what I do. I spent the first 25 years of my career in broadcasting but I was always passionate about travel and aviation, so I made a career change. I have been in aviation for about 15 years. I was President of two major operators on the East Coast and I saw an opportunity to offer a better value to people who didn’t want to make the investment it would typically take to travel alone on a private jet. From New York to London, it would generally cost about $150,000. With us, they can have a seat and all the benefits of private jet travel at a greater value.

Will the design and amenities of these aircraft be comparable to other private jet companies?

Yes. The aircraft are spacious and we provide superior service. Flyers can choose their catering – we don’t limit their food and beverage options; they tell us what they want.

On a typical journey door to door, from New York to London, a flyer will save an average of four hours per leg. Not since the Concorde was retired has there been a way to dramatically reduce travel time between the two cities.

Is the name “Bliss” in any way connected to your sense of service?

Bliss embodies the feeling one has when they travel on our jets. It’s a state of tranquility and joy, and we’ve found that’s what our customers experience when traveling with us.

Is the available supply of the aircraft enough to meet the increasing demand?

It is. We charter from the top operators in the country, so we have a huge market to tap into.

We’re also very selective about who we fly with and about the crews, the airplanes, the aircraft age, the seating configuration, and the safety history of the company. It’s not just efficiency. Without safety and high quality, the value and demand for our service doesn’t exist.