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Kerry A. Jung, National Life Group

Kerry A. Jung

Keeping Promises

Editors’ Note

Kerry Jung has held her current post since December 2015. Prior to this, she was Senior Counsel and Corporate Secretary. She was also Lead Attorney with CUNA Mutual Group; Managing Counsel for Strong Financial Corporation; Associate with Ruder Ware LLSC; and Law Clerk with the State of Wisconsin Investment Board. She received her J.D. (cum laude) from the University of Wisconsin Law School and her B.B.A. in Economics (cum laude) from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Company Brief

For more than 168 years, National Life (nationallife.com) has worked hard to deliver on its promises to millions of people with their vision of providing peace of mind in times of need. It’s their cause, stemming from a deep passion to live their values to do good, be good, and make good, every day. Jackie and Kevin Freiberg, business consultants and best-selling authors, recently featured National Life Group in their book CAUSE!. The book explores the power and business case for creating a purpose-driven company.

How do you define your role within National Life?

I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to support most of the organization, including product development and administration, distribution and marketing, customer service, asset management, financial management, compensation and benefits, internal audit, facilities, corporate communications, governance and the board of directors, and the charitable foundation. Here, legal counsel is an integral part of the development and implementation of enterprise strategy.

Does differentiation for the firm come back to the human capital or is it also by product?

National Life has a portfolio of great products, particularly those offering living benefits that support our customers in their times of greatest need, such as with our critical and chronic condition riders. We believe in keeping our promises.

However, one of the key differentiators of National Life really is its culture. People here are smart, genuine, and will do whatever they can to help.

How does the company focus on addressing broader societal needs?

National Life’s vision, mission, and values are to bring peace of mind, keep our promises, and to do, be, and make good. We believe it is our responsibility to come through at those critical moments when our customers most need us.

We also are very committed to our employees through wellness initiatives and benefits. In addition, we have a charitable foundation through which we support nonprofits.