Idan Tendler, Fortscale

Idan Tendler

Security Analytics

Editors’ Note

Prior to founding Fortscale, Idan Tendler served as an officer and commander in the Israeli’s leading technology Intelligence Corps, Unit 8200. Later he initiated, built and led the Cyber Security Business Group of Elbit Systems, Israel’s leading defense integrator. This group became the leading growth engine of Elbit Systems and managed major Cyber Security and Warfare technological projects in Israel and abroad.

Would you discuss your vision and mission for creating Fortscale?

Fortscale envisions a world where security analytics are democratized to all organizations of all size and in all segments so they can make effective security decisions to protect their critical assets and ongoing operations from dangerous and costly insider threats. The company’s mission is to provide the contextual behavioral analytics that enable better, more secure, real-time security policy enforcement.

Would you provide an overview of the services and solutions you offer?

Fortscale delivers the intelligence needed to detect risks posed by different employees and entities so that critical resources can be protected and appropriate controls implemented to improve an organization’s security stance.

Fortscale UEBA for Security Operations Centers delivers the risk-based behavioral analytics that improves the ability of security analysts to uncover and shut down insider threats in real time. Leveraging machine learning algorithms and big data platform, Fortscale’s product profiles the behavior of all users inside the organization and automatically pinpoints the abnormal behavior of the most suspicious and risky users.

The latest offering of the company is Fortscale Presidio™ for security vendors. This is the industry’s first User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) engine that can easily be embedded in solutions within the security infrastructure to improve their detection quality, alerts accuracy, and threat hunting capabilities. It has never been more important or more difficult to make sense of the actions of different users and entities within an organization in order to accurately identify threats and effectively minimize risks. As an easily embeddable engine, UEBA is now easily available to any organization as a solution to work with in their existing security infrastructure.

How do you define the target market for your business?

Any organization or security vendor that needs to improve their visibility and understand the real-time risk implications of the actions of users and entities in the environment, while leveraging the best of breed of behavior analytics, would benefit from Fortscale’s offerings.

What is your outlook for growth for the business?

Fortscale recently closed a new round of investors, and will leverage that in order to continue its momentum and expand into new geographies, such as EMEA and Latin America, and expand the new Presidio offering.

How critical is it for you to have investors with a long-term focus and commitment to the company?

It’s always important. We are honored to have investors that showed profound commitment to our business, and our values – security excellence, innovation, and persistence.

What are your key priorities for the business as you look to the future?

Following the launch of Presidio, we are focused on scaling its implementation through new security segments such as SIEM, DLP, EDR, and EPP. We will also significantly expand our R&D teams in Israel to maintain our technological leadership in the security industry.