Diversity and Inclusion

Beverly Stallings-Johnson, Xerox

Beverly Stallings-Johnson

An Essential Part
of the Value System

Editors’ Note

Prior to assuming her current responsibilities, Beverly Stallings-Johnson worked as General Manager Language Translation, Executive of Xerox’s Global Document University, held Global Senior Leadership positions in Product Services and Solutions, and supported developing markets in Russia, China, India and South America. She received her bachelor of arts in marketing and communications from the University of Richmond, a masters in management from Loyola Marymount, and a Ph.D. in organizational effectiveness.

Company Brief

Xerox (xerox.com) is a technology leader that innovates the way the world communicates, connects and works. It understands what’s at the heart of sharing information – and all of the forms it can take. Xerox embraces the integration of paper and digital, the increasing requirement for mobility and the need for seamless integration between work and personal worlds. Every day, its innovative print technologies and intelligent work solutions help people communicate and work better.

How do you define your role leading global diversity and inclusion at Xerox and how do you focus your efforts?

The D&I role is responsible for advancing diversity within Xerox by designing, instituting and executing upon diversity and inclusion policies and programs. The D&I leader acts as an in-business consultant and subject matter expert on diversity and inclusion strategies. The D&I leader also works with senior executives to drive actions consistent with Xerox’s strategy and priorities in the areas of inclusion, sustainability and diversity. The D&I leader is a valued member of the Human Resources Talent Organization Capabilities team in order to work closely with senior leadership to set the vision and advance diversity and inclusion in Xerox at all levels while ensuring compliance as legally required across the world.

Efforts are focused on continuing to support an inclusive culture, learning and adapting every day, and building and sustaining a global workforce and supply base that represents and connects with the different people and communities Xerox serves. In today’s changing, connected world, the D&I leader’s goal is to ensure that Xerox’s globally shared commitment to respect each other and listen to each other remains intact. This is critical to our success.

Would you provide an overview of Xerox’s diversity and inclusion strategy?

Through diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, we gain the benefit of different ways of looking at our business, leading to innovative breakthroughs for our customers and more engaging work for our people. Xerox recognizes that our diversity gains will not be sustained unless our workplace promotes and encourages new ways of problem-solving and diversity of thought.

To that end, we promote understanding and inclusion through a comprehensive set of global diversity initiatives and strategies:

We educate all of our people on diversity programs, policies and achievements. We ensure diversity and inclusion principles are communicated to all of our people.

Our supplier diversity program ensures we are actively committed to purchasing supplies and products from qualified female-, LGBT-, veteran- and minority-owned businesses.

Our work/life programs assist our people in the many aspects of their personal lives.

How engrained is diversity and inclusion in Xerox’s culture and values?

Our long history of promoting diversity began with the leadership over a half-century ago of one man – Joseph C. Wilson, the first CEO of the modern day Xerox. It is an essential part of our DNA.

In 2018, we have one of the most diverse workforces in the world.

How do you engage your employees in Xerox’s diversity efforts?

One of the primary avenues utilized to engage our employees is through our Employee Resource Groups, also known as caucus groups. Dating from the 1960s, these independent employee caucuses continue to play an important role in our diversity story. Our caucuses work with management to achieve common business objectives, self-advocacy and to create an environment of inclusion.

Seven global caucus organizations currently exist to address the concerns and meet the needs of our employees who are African-American; Hispanic; Asian; women; African-American women; gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual; and military veterans.

Xerox also has several associations that are self-organized groups of employees that create global connections through a common bond.

For example, Xerox Innovation Women’s Council is a coalition of women from across our Innovation Group. They identify key projects to improve the work experience of men and women in research and represent the interests of our employees – especially women – to senior management in each of our global research centers.

Winning Ways is a women-centric group based in India supporting recruitment, growth, networking and mentoring for female job candidates and employees.

In the U.K., Xerox has partnered with the Everywoman Network to give employees access to personal development tools including monthly webinars, workbooks (with online tutors), articles and interviews with senior women in business.

How do you measure the impact of Xerox’s diversity and inclusion efforts?

Our balanced workforce strategy drives equitable people representation in all areas of our company around the world. We address diversity disparities by identifying shortfalls and closing those gaps.

Additionally, we are very proud of our self-imposed Wilson Rule. The Wilson Rule is the benchmark in the industry and has demonstrated results over the years. This global rule requires that, for domestic hires, women and minorities be among the final pool of qualified candidates for open management and senior-level positions. Outside the United States, the rule dictates that women must be among the finalists for any open position. This rule marks an ongoing company-wide commitment to increase the ranks of minorities and women in management and senior-level professional positions. Currently, women account for over 31 percent of our global population.

How valuable has it been to have the commitment of Xerox’s board and senior management in your diversity and inclusion efforts?

Our leaders continue to learn more about the global changes in D&I and talent, and adapt every day. They seek to build and sustain a global workforce and supply base that represents and connects with the different people and communities we serve.

Additionally, to demonstrate our widespread support of D&I, our CEO and senior leadership is committed to ongoing diversity efforts globally through our Champion program. Our corporate Champion program matches senior executives with caucus groups to facilitate and maintain open communications. Our Chairman and CEO and other senior leaders meet with internal, diverse teams. During these informal sessions, teammates share their views on the work environment and identify actionable items for discussion. This collaborative process ensures that our executive leadership team and our CEO work together to create an effective and inclusive work environment.