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Jamie Rose Fisher, Fisher Brothers

Jamie Rose Fisher

Tradition and Innovation

Editors’ Note

Jamie Rose Fisher started working at Fisher Brothers more than four years ago after graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder. Her starting role in the company was in the Development & Acquisition department, focusing on new residential developments. Fisher has also been involved in the philanthropic efforts at Fisher Brothers working on raising funds and awareness for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

Firm Brief

Fisher Brothers (fisherbrothers.com) was founded in 1915 by Martin Fisher, who was joined by brothers Larry and Zachary Fisher. Over the next several decades, Fisher Brothers built residential properties in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Riverdale, Mount Vernon, and then in Manhattan. Fisher Brothers began putting up commercial buildings in the mid-’50s. It rewrote its business plan in the mid-’70s, adopting a new strategy that called for selling off its residential properties while continuing to develop and manage commercial real estate investments, and diversifying its investment portfolio into non-real estate sectors. With the decision to capitalize on the firm’s capabilities as a builder and manager, the partnership formed Plaza Construction in 1986 which was led by Steven Fisher, as well as Sandhurst Associates in 1992 to provide on-site management for other building owners. Fisher Brothers, led by partners Ken, Winston, Steven and Arnold Fisher, has emerged as a highly-diversified financial investment force. Assets currently under management exceed $6 billion, with a substantial portion strategically invested in a broad spectrum of financial markets and ventures, including opportunistic overnight investments in treasuries and repos, as well as building refinancing and construction loans.

Fisher Brothers 111 Murray Street in Tribeca

111 Murray Street in Tribeca

Did you always know that you wanted to join the family business?

I always assumed I would end up working for Fisher Brothers, but my passion for real estate evolved over time. I didn’t necessarily know it was my true calling until I saw how meaningful the work can be and how I could further build on the legacy that my family has built. It is admirable, and I’m proud to be part of it. The passion in my family’s business is contagious and I am devoted in growing its legacy for another 100 years.

How do you define what has made Fisher Brothers an industry leader?

Quality and service are two main components of Fisher Brothers that have always been a priority for our new development and for our commercial portfolio. Fisher Brothers was founded on excellence over 100 years ago, and we’ve stayed true to this notion. I think tradition and innovation are also two key pillars that make this company so special. We’re deeply rooted in tradition, and yet there are things we do that are at the cutting edge of modern times.

Fisher Brothers are building owners that care about creating spaces that surpass the typical office space. The main objective is to enhance tenant experiences, providing well-designed spaces and services. In addition, there’s a strong spirit of humanitarianism, both internally and externally, in the company.

Will you highlight your area of focus and how your role has evolved?

I started out on our two new developments at the time. They were House39, which is a rental building in Murray Hill, and 111 Murray Street, which is a luxurious condo building in Tribeca. On both of these projects, I was able to have the learning experience from the ground up, quite literally. I found myself at our construction sites, learning the business from the very beginning of the development. My family, the Fisher Brothers partners (Steven Fisher, Ken Fisher, and Winston Fisher), my cousin Crystal Fisher, and my colleagues helped me learn and grow into an instrumental player on the team. The marketing aspect of my role came naturally.

It is very exciting to work on the commercial portfolios because we have so many capital improvements going on, which coincides with our marketing efforts. My role continues to evolve and grow, and I’m so grateful for all the learning experiences I’ve had to date.

Is New York the sweet spot for Fisher Brothers and is the firm focused on growth in other markets?

I think New York has always been our sweet spot, and I don’t think that will ever end, especially because we have four main commercial buildings in prime locations in New York that we’re still working on. Some of these buildings were built in the 1960s, and we’re still making them as relevant, high-tech and modernized as possible. It is important to make capital improvements to our commercial buildings to make them more modern and relevant for today’s market.

We have also expanded outside of New York and are constantly looking for opportunities elsewhere. We have a rental building in D.C. and also have commercial space there. We are also developing a project called AREA15. The brainchild of Fisher Brothers partner Winston Fisher, AREA15 is an experiential retail and entertainment complex opening in Las Vegas early next year.

Will you discuss Fisher Brothers’ continuous investment in its buildings?

I touched on how what makes us so special is tradition and innovation. We are staying relevant with the times as tenant needs are changing. We’re adapting to those changes and that comes with capital improvements which we are dedicated to doing so that our tenants continue to be happy for a very long time.

We are working on capital improvements to 299 Park Avenue, which is our office headquarters. We have a solid team and plan in place. There will be a new lobby with an interactive LED screen that will have rotating content for an enhanced experience which is cutting-edge and technological.

At 1345 Avenue of the Americas, we’re launching a new amenity space which is scheduled to open in the spring and designed by the Rockwell Group. The amenities consist of conference space, meeting rooms, tenant lounge areas, a highly-curated tenant food experience, a fitness studio as well as a wellness experience. This will provide world-class, optimal-quality amenity spaces that enhance all aspects of the tenants’ work experience. We are making these changes to help our tenants grow, communicate more efficiently, and have the ability to thrive in an environment different than the average office space.

How important is it for you to be a part of a family that is so committed to giving back?

I would probably say that is the most important aspect to me and also makes me most proud of the legacy that my family has left behind. Fisher House Foundation is simply incredible. We just opened two in the Bronx, which is very special because we’ve never had one in New York. It is inspiring to see the impact that this has for the families it supports. We understand the strength it takes to serve this country and are strongly passionate about serving them in return. By providing resources to help them regain their strength, we do our job in supporting these amazing people. My uncle, Ken Fisher, is hugely committed to this cause and takes great pride in it. My commitment to this is only growing, and I hope to become even more deeply involved in it than I am now.