Letters From Leaders

Adrienne Arsht

Adrienne Arsht

Throughout history, the most respected leaders were those who could adapt and inspire. Leaders understand this.

Those words may sound deceivingly simple, yet they are anything but. When faced with adversities, resilience steps in and chisels out leaders. But only you can unleash its power from within. It might be buried under a pile of unjust tragedies or hiding behind a wall of paralyzing fear. No matter. With resilience, you will survive, adapt, and thrive. To some, this process comes naturally. This breed of leader can be knocked down, over and over, yet resilience brings them to their feet.

I have personal note cards emblazoned with the above Vonnegut quote. These words speak to me, because if I ever stopped and thought of all the reasons why something wouldn’t work, I’d never do anything. Focus on what you can do, instead of what you can’t.

The many perils that we face today should not deter your desire to be a leader. Rather, it should ignite excitement and optimism. After all, our entire planet needs saving along with its inhabitants. No other time in modern history has displayed such a need for creative and inventive solutions.

In my lifetime, I’ve had the privilege to witness great leadership. The strength displayed by these men and women is admirable. But strength doesn’t shield one from mistakes. Leaders are fallible. The difference is that great leaders learn from mistakes.

Regardless of skills or education, you will face tribulations that are unplanned and unwelcomed. These are the moments that will define you as a leader. Unleash your resilience and rise!

Future leaders, my wish for you is that you charge ahead and make the world a better place, environmentally, economically, and socially, for generations to come.