Letters From Leaders

David W. Schner, LEADERS Magazine

David W. Schner
President & Executive Editor
LEADERS Magazine

LEADERS has spent the past 43 years presenting the thoughts and ideas of the world’s leaders, and during this unprecedented time we feel a deep responsibility to continue to be a global forum for leadership and to provide guidance, inspiration and optimism for the next generation who are concerned about the future. The world has been battling COVID-19 and the devastating impact that this global pandemic has had on individuals, families, communities and businesses. The true leaders in this fight are referred to as “essential workers,” those on the front lines from healthcare workers to first responders to law enforcement to those supplying food and meals to those in need. These are the true leaders in this crisis.

We are also facing a crisis of social injustice, racial inequity, and systemic racism that is deeply rooted in history. Protests have occurred in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and the many similar horrific events that preceded it throughout the country. These protests have brought together a diverse group of people of all races, genders, ages, cultures and backgrounds in a show of solidarity, with a common message demanding action and change.

During these turbulent and uncertain times, it is leadership that is most critical. Leadership that unites. Leadership that listens. Leadership that cares. Leadership that acts.

This is not about power. Power is not leadership.

This is not about self. Self is not leadership.

This is not about division. Division is not leadership.

This is a time for change. Change is never easy and there will always be those that resist and want to hold on to the status quo, but those are not true leaders.

It is the next generation that will lead the future and drive true change. While these are difficult and uncertain times, these future leaders are showing their strength and resilience. This is what should provide hope that change is possible.

LEADERS Magazine has asked some of the leaders that have been featured within its pages to write letters with their wisdom and advice to those who are currently in school or beginning their careers. It is these young people that are leading the fight for change, fairness and equality. These are our future leaders.

David W. Schner, LEADERS Magazine