Letters From Leaders

John R. Kasich, Kasich Company

John R. Kasich
Kasich Company

I know these are confusing times for you and for most young Americans when you struggle to find even a small ray of light in the pandemic storm clouds that surround us.

To take your mind to a better place, I suggest thinking of yourself sailing a great ship out of the harbor, where you’ve loaded the decks with all the things you will need for the next phase of your life. You’ve gathered your crew of family, friends and loved ones, all ready to support your voyage over calm seas, in perfect weather. Except today, without warning, there are storms that threaten your journey and leave you with terrible doubts about your future.

But I want to assure you that these storms will pass – for you, your friends, for all of us. I’m confident that we will get through this. Despite the darkness around us today, we will soon find ourselves sailing calm waters, on a beautiful day, with a sunlit sky and a starry night that stretches from one horizon to another, all reflecting the glory of the Lord.

Yes, ultimately there will be more storms in your life. Each of us will face them from time to time. But, if we never lose confidence that we will get through our challenging times and if we learn from each and every one of them, then we will appreciate the good times and the whole of our lives all the more.

I want to also give you a little gift: a reminder that you are made special and you were made to do special things. You must never forget that. Take a moment to sit down and think about it, check your heart and you’ll find out exactly what it is that you’re supposed to do. And what you will know is that when you can find it, you’re going to figure out the real key to happiness in life.