Special Feature

Jan Dilenschneider Path to the Future

Jan Dilenschneider

The Power of Art to
Heal in Troubled Times

Everyone has been facing the challenges of the pandemic, racial injustice and the financial crisis which have brought enormous emotional distress and ongoing fear, isolation and stress, along with the challenges of adapting to the new normal and the grim reality that millions are suffering.

Can artists help?

Absolutely, and that is what I am working to do in this set of paintings.

Indeed, “if words could say everything, you would not need painters,” a comment first relayed to me by the wonderfully talented artist, David Dunlop.

Most people cannot say in words what is troubling them, but based on experience I believe art can help. Art can heal. Art can soothe a person so they can go to higher levels.

I have worked here to reassure readers that there definitely is a positive view to the future.

My goal is to address and eliminate uncertainty and show that there is a positive future and a way to get there.

Art can give hope and help people see a light that will guide their future.

In this collection you will see no treatments of masks and ventilators and people under pressure.

You will see positive images aimed at inspiring people and bringing them to a more peaceful place.

My goal is to accentuate what is good and to help people reflect constructively on where their life is going.

You see, my goal as an expressionist painter is in showing people how I feel about a subject and creating a positive and emotional experience for them.

Jan Dilenschneider Path to the Future

Path to the Future 40 by 30 inches
See the pathway of life and, in the distance, see a beautiful light
that is just the beginning of where you can go.

All paintings are oil on canvas.

Jan Dilenschneider There Will Always Be Light

There Will Always Be Light 30 by 30 inches
Many see the light as hope, joy, the Divine.

Confusion 24 by 24 inches
The “new normal” is sure to bring some confusion for many, but the
blue light coming through the trees leads you to a positive time full of hope.

Jan Dilenschneider There Will Always Be Sprint

There Will Always Be Spring 24 by 30 inches
The warm colors of the flowers and blossoms that come
each year for decades past and to come deliver a moment of joy.

Jan Dilenschneider Keep the Good

Keep the Good 24 by 36 inches
Helping one another, caring about family, supporting those who need it –
all good and positive outcomes that come from these difficult times.

Jan Dilenschneider The New Normal

The “New Normal” A diptych – two 30 by 40 inch canvases
Wonderful fields, tall strong trees and more mark
a better world for all of us to live in.

Jan Dilenschneider The Warm Glow of Hope

The Warm Glow of Hope 24 by 24 inches
Look around every corner for hope for a better world.