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Tiffany Wojtkiewicz

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Editors’ Note

Tiffany Wojtkiewicz’s leadership has been instrumental in establishing and growing ONEHOPE Wine into one of the most notable wine brands in the country. Wojtkiewicz started as the EVP of Sales shortly after the brand’s launch in 2007. She was responsible for managing wholesale and distribution partnerships and then transitioned to Chief Revenue Officer in 2014. She was responsible for all revenue channels and integrating and aligning the sales, marketing, and customer support departments. Her involvement resulted in annual growth of more than 50 percent per year and helped the brand move from $0 in sales to over $10 million a year in sales with the production of over 1 million bottles of wine per year. In 2017, she stepped into her current role as President, overseeing the entire executive team, and has been responsible for finance, operations, sales and marketing. Under her leadership, ONEHOPE has grown their sales by growing their community of Cause Entrepreneurs, independent reps that share wine and give hope in their local areas. This program allows individuals to market the brand through virtual and in-home wine tasting events. ONEHOPE facilitates all sales transactions and shipping with customers through proprietary software built by their in-house engineering team. Today, Wojtkiewicz has helped build this community of 10,000+ people throughout the U.S., helping to grow ONEHOPE’s direct-to-consumer revenue growth by over 100 percent YOY while also growing the community by more than 350 percent in 2020. In addition to helping to turn ONEHOPE into one of the top 250 wineries by volume (of over 10,000 in the U.S.), Wojtkiewicz has empowered thousands of women to find purpose and fulfillment through giving back and entrepreneurship. Under Wojtkiewicz’s leadership, ONEHOPE has donated over $8 million to nonprofits worldwide while helping raise awareness for 30,000+ nonprofits. These accomplishments and many others have culminated in Wojtkiewicz being recognized as an expert by media outlets such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, and a finalist in Wine Enthusiast’s 40 Under 40 list. She’s been a speaker at numerous conferences and events and sits on ONEHOPE’s Board of Directors. Wojtkiewicz graduated from the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona.

Winery Brief

ONEHOPE (onehopewine.com) is a winery on a mission to share wine and give hope. ONEHOPE has quickly become one of the most recognizable cause brands due to the success of their cornerstone product, ONEHOPE Wine. To date, ONEHOPE has donated more than $8 million to nonprofits around the world and inspired a community of entrepreneurs to make an impact while earning an income. Through the company’s wine fundraisers, ONEHOPE is democratizing the Napa Valley wine tasting experience and empowering consumers to support the causes that matter most to them through wine.

ONEHOPE Winery exterior

ONEHOPE Winery exterior

How do you define ONEHOPE’s purpose and mission?

At ONEHOPE, our mission is to share wine and give hope. We have always been a brand that gives back every day and since we were founded in 2007, we’ve proudly been able to do that. To date, we’ve donated more than $8 million to nonprofits all over the world with our award-winning wine and have also donated to over 30,000 local nonprofits.

ONEHOPE Estate and Reserve Wine

ONEHOPE Estate and Reserve Wine

Will you discuss ONEHOPE’s business model and how giving back is at the foundation of the business?

I believe that ONEHOPE is more than just wine. It is a platform to sip together and share ideas on how to make the world a better place. You can give 10 percent back to a cause of choice through joining our wine club, hosting a tasting, or becoming a Cause Entrepreneur. Our community of Cause Entrepreneurs is truly the heart of our brand. They are passionate wine-lovers who host virtual and in-person wine tasting events to raise money for local causes. Today, we have over 10,000 Cause Entrepreneurs throughout the country who are giving back and it is incredible to see this community grow every day.

Will you highlight ONEHOPE’s investment in having a world-class winery in the heart of Napa?

We recently opened our winery in the heart of Napa Valley. It is the physical manifestation of our vision. It’s a place where we invite people to gather, find inspiration, and join us on our mission to share great wine and give hope to many. It is designed by acclaimed Napa Valley architect, Howard Backen, and our vineyard on the property allows us to make delicious, organic wines crafted by our winemaker, Mari Wells Coyle.

ONEHOPE Winery interior

ONEHOPE Winery interior

Will you provide a few examples of ONEHOPE’s impact and how you help support worthy causes?

As we’ve grown, our impact has grown. We’ve also evolved our giving model since we started in 2007. Today, in addition to empowering our customers to give back to a cause that is important to them, we also give back to causes that focus on education, health, water, and hunger through the ONEHOPE Foundation. In 2021, we donated to many nonprofits including charity: water, Equal Justice Initiative, and Alex’s Lemonade Stand. We’ve helped build a school in Guatemala, planted a forest in Indonesia, and we’ve provided over 3 million meals to children in need throughout the U.S.

ONEHOPE is building a Community of Cause Entrepreneurs. Will you discuss this effort and how ONEHOPE supports this community?

Our community of Cause Entrepreneurs continues to grow year after year. This program allows individuals to market the brand through virtual and in-home wine tasting events, but more importantly, it has empowered thousands of women (and some men) to find purpose and fulfillment through giving back and entrepreneurship. We connect with our community both virtually and in person and they inspire us to continue growing our company.

“I believe that ONEHOPE is more than just wine.
It is a platform to sip together and share ideas on
how to make the world a better place.”

ONEHOPE Winery tasting room

ONEHOPE Winery tasting room

How did ONEHOPE adapt its business to address the challenges caused by the pandemic?

When the world went into lockdown, we already had our direct shipping process in place, so that was key to being able to continue reaching our customers. In addition, our Cause Entrepreneurs were able to take their in-person tastings online and do them virtually. Because of this, our community of Cause Entrepreneurs and our ability to give back grew exponentially. We adapted quickly and were able to make it one of our most successful years to date.

As a leading woman in the wine industry, what do you tell young women about the opportunities that exist to grow and lead in the industry?

After I graduated college, I joined the Gallo Management Program, which was an incredible introduction to the wine industry that got me to where I am today. I believe there are more opportunities for women in the wine industry than ever before and our Cause Entrepreneur program is a great place to start. We offer the opportunity to learn about wine, connect with customers and provide the tools to set you up on an incredible journey in wine.