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Chris Paul

Leveling the
Playing Field

Editors’ Note

The Chris Paul Family Foundation (chrispaulfamilyfoundation.org strives to positively impact individuals and families by leveling the playing field in education, sports, and life. The Foundation provides resources that enrich and strengthen healthy development of strong communities. In 2005, Paul and his family established the CP3 Foundation, a philanthropic partnership with The Winston-Salem Foundation in honor of his late grandfather, Nathaniel Jones. The Foundation was created to highlight Paul’s dedication and love, both to his grandfather’s spirit and to the city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, for nurturing him from his days as a standout high school student-athlete to a national star at Wake Forest University. Recognized as a leader in the area of philanthropy, the Chris Paul Family Foundation uses its platform to impact communities and develop young leaders nationally and globally.

Chris Paul Family Foundation

Chris Paul

What was your vision for creating the Chris Paul Family Foundation and how do you define its mission?

The Foundation was created in honor of my grandfather, Nathaniel Jones. He was a pillar of our community and was the first person who showed me how to support our community of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Will you provide an overview of the initiatives of the Foundation in its efforts to level the playing field in education, sports, and life?

We have a number of initiatives that provide opportunities to level the playing field for individuals and communities often underserved. Education is extremely important to my family, so we award an academic and athletic scholarship for two high school students in Forsyth County to attend Wake Forest University annually. We also provide resources and internships for students attending historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

We showcase the athletic program of HBCUs through our HBCU Basketball Challenge. We also highlight the importance and legacy of HBCUs through my media company, Ohh Dip!!!. We’ve collaborated with North Carolina Central, Florida A&M University, and Southern University.

Chris Paul Family Foundation

Chris Paul Leadership Alliance Summit in Los Angeles, 2022

Club 61 is our Youth Leadership initiative that targets students ages 15-19. Our goal is to help them enhance and develop leadership skills in the areas of education, health and wellness, tech, financial education and civic participation.

We’ve been able to support a really dynamic internship program through EICOP. The students have a great success rate of turning an internship into a career opportunity. Additionally, our continued support with the nonprofit organizations in five of the cities I’ve lived in allows us to also continue to impact those communities with an annual donation through Club 61 so that they can have lasting impact on the students they serve.

How did the Chris Paul Family Foundation adapt the way it works to address the challenges caused by the pandemic?

Chris Paul Family Foundation

Family First court refurbishment in Oklahoma City, 2020

The pandemic allowed us to pivot our work to support some of the critical organizations that were in the field helping communities stay safe with resources. I was also able to stay involved by participating in virtual events and initiatives.

The pandemic and the social unrest around the country provided an opportunity for me to co-found the Social Change Fund with Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade. We were able to use our collective influence to support organizations on the front line combating the issues that impact black and brown communities with ongoing support.

Chris Paul Family Foundation

Fireside Chat with the United Negro College Fund &
Thurgood Marshall College Fund at Clark Atlanta University, 2022

Where did your passion for philanthropy come from and was the importance of giving back instilled in you early in your life?

My Foundation has always been about the importance of family and community. My grandfather was my best friend and mentor. He was also the first African American in our community to own a Chevron service station. He allowed me and my brother CJ to work with him on weekends.

My grandfather was a leader and I know that he had a large role in shaping me into the man I am today. His commitment to our family and community is what makes me continue to uphold his legacy.

Chris Paul Family Foundation

Holiday Christmas Takeover in Los Angeles, 2015

The Chris Paul Family Foundation has made a major impact with its work. Do you take moments to reflect and appreciate what the Foundation has accomplished?

I’m extremely proud of the work our Foundation has accomplished over the years. It’s always nice to reflect on the impact we’ve been able to have, even before I played my first NBA game.

Chris Paul Family Foundation

Chris Paul Family Foundation Thanksgiving Drive
in Winston-Salem, 2021

What advice do you offer to young basketball players who dream of becoming the next Chris Paul?

I’d tell young aspiring players to follow their dreams, work hard, and always trust the process.

How special is it to be able to work alongside your family members in fulfilling the mission of the Foundation?

The impact that me and my family have been able to make over my career has been amazing. We support each other and we are all equally vested in making a lasting difference in the world.