Betty Thompson, Booz Allen Hamilton

Betty Thompson

The Future of Work

What are your views on the future of work and what will the office of the future look like?

We will continue to be hybrid, but we’ll come together for purposeful engagement. Time in the office is evolving from doing work to building relationships and working complex strategic items. It’s about collaboration time, not cubicle time.

How can companies maintain culture and a collaborative environment in a remote work structure?

Companies need to be intentional about how and when to bring people together. There must be a shared expectation that in-person meetings will engage teams in meaningful ways and yield value. Bringing together people without a plan and hoping they get something out of it just won’t do.

As an HR leader, is it necessary for employees to be in the office to build employee engagement?

You can’t do it without bringing people together at some point, so the questions are how much and how to balance it. For example, if you’ve got new team members or relationships to build, you’re going to need in person time.