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Hassan Chowdhury

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Editors’ Note

With a dynamic mixture of hospitality in New York City, real estate in Florida, and private aviation worldwide, Hassan Chowdhury has made a meaningful impact on the world of luxury hospitality, travel, and entertainment. In 2022, he founded Bouge Villas, a luxury villa short-term rental company that has a presence in high-end Florida real estate and is expanding the portfolio to include the Hamptons, New York, and Mexico.

Company Brief

Meta Fly Club (metaflyclub.com) is an exclusive private jet charter club offering its members complete access to the best deals to fly private across the globe. Meta Fly Club aims to bring the VIP Experience to the everyday consumer focusing on world-class hospitality for the best possible prices. It offers the highest level of service while also ensuring its clients safety and security.

Hassan Chowdhury with Falcon 200

Hassan Chowdhury with Falcon 200 Heavy Jets
at the Meta Fly Club facility in Gainesville, Florida

Will you provide an overview of Meta Fly Club and its offerings?

Meta Fly Club is a private jet charter company and the first company to launch a membership program via NFTs. The Club offers a fleet of private jets and luxury aviation perks around the world. Members enjoy discounted pricing on jet charters and have premium access to empty leg flights at competitive rates, as well as having the option to crowdfund among each other to share private jet rides. We have access to all types of private jets ranging from light jets to long-range heavy jets, and even Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) and Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) aircraft.

How do you define the Meta Fly Club difference and what sets the company apart from its competitors?

The uniqueness of Meta Fly Club starts with the opportunity to trade and transfer memberships in the form of NFTs. Meta Fly Club is not only a jet charter company, but also a luxury lifestyle membership club that comes with a list of luxury perks and hospitality access. In addition to this, our members also benefit from priority reservation access to clubs, restaurants, and private accommodations including properties with Bouge Villas, a luxury real estate rental company that I founded. Meta Fly Club is set to launch daily routes from New York to Miami at the end of April that will give access to its membership to crowdfund luxury business jets among each other and special pricing will be offered to members.

Will you discuss Meta Fly Club’s focus and commitment to the highest safety standards?

Our customers’ safety and security is always our highest priority. We take incredible measures to maintain the utmost safety for all our operations and provide the highest standards of excellence in customer service through genuine care for the comfort of our clients. Our pilots strive for excellence, professionalism, and attention to detail, and they go through a rigorous pre-employment screening and onboarding process.

Hassan Chowdhury with Falcon 200

You mentioned that Meta Fly Club will be launching daily roundtrip routes from New York to Miami in April 2023. Will you discuss this service and what travelers can expect from the experience?

Travelers will be allowed access to crowdfund to share the price of rides among each other, and members will have special pricing at all times. The advantage of Meta Fly Club’s fleet from other companies that offer similar services is that we will be operating luxurious and comfortable business jets such as the Falcon 200 and Gulfstream IV for our daily routes and will offer exclusive seats at discounted pricing. There is no other competitor out there that offers special priced seats to their members with similar luxury aircrafts.

What was your vision for creating Bouge Villas?

My vision for creating Bouge Villas started during my birthday trip to Miami in 2021 when I quickly recognized the growing demand for luxury house rentals. I wanted my clients in the hospitality industry to have a unique villa experience when they went on vacation with their loved ones. I came up with the concept of designing and naming each villa in a unique way and including the maximum amenities possible in each one of them.

Hassan Chowdhury with Falcon 200

Hassan Chowdhury aboard a Falcon 200 Heavy Jet

Will you highlight Bouge Villas’ portfolio and destinations?

Bouge Villas’ current portfolio of destinations includes Miami, Florida; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Tulum, Mexico; Hamptons, New York; Manhattan, New York; Dubai, UAE; Galveston, Texas; and we will soon be in Cartagena, Colombia; Los Angeles, California; and Nashville, Tennessee.

Where do you see opportunity for growth for Bouge Villas?

After having more than $12 million in property acquisitions in 2022, Bouge Villas’ plan is to grow to a $30 million property portfolio in 2023, making its global presence stronger. Future plans for Bouge Villas also includes a luxury real estate decor and management company.

We also plan to build a subscription-based luxury villa advertisement platform to help other luxury villa brands promote their gorgeous properties and get premium pricing for them.

“To me, luxury hospitality means
having five-star service no matter whether
it’s a private jet business, a popular nightclub
or a luxury villa business. All my clients expect one thing that I always assure – that all their needs and wants will be fulfilled by a five-star service experience.”

How do you define the meaning of a luxury hospitality experience?

To me, luxury hospitality means having five-star service no matter whether it’s a private jet business, a popular nightclub or a luxury villa business. All my clients expect one thing that I always assure – that all their needs and wants will be fulfilled by a five-star service experience. In today’s world, people are willing to pay for what they desire.

What are your priorities for your businesses as you look to the future?

I have always prioritized client satisfaction and hospitality over profit margin. Since I started my career in the hospitality industry, I have tried to add new businesses that can give wider options for luxury and hospitality to our clients as well as contribute to my existing businesses. My goal is to provide a one-stop luxury shop for everyone.