Ned S. Offit, Offit Capital

Ned S. Offit

Investment Professionalism

Editors’ Note

Ned Offit is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Offit Capital. Prior to forming Offit Capital, Offit was a Co-Founder and Managing Director at Offit Hall Capital Management and a Managing Director at OFFITBANK. Previously, he served as a Managing Director in the Fixed Income Sales and Trading Group at Bear Stearns & Co. Offit has served on the Board of Directors for Asphalt Green, the Board of Trustees at Montefiore Medical Center, and the Board of Trustees of Riverdale Country School. He received a BA from Johns Hopkins University, and an MA in Latin American Studies and International Economics from the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, where he currently serves as a Member of the Board of Advisors.

Firm Brief

Offit Capital (offitcapital.com) is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor focused on building global, multi-asset class investment portfolios for individuals, families and nonprofit institutions. Independent and privately held, Offit Capital serves as its clients’ Chief Investment Officer across all asset classes. The firm provides objective and unbiased investment advice solely in the best interest of its clients. Offit Capital is keenly focused on wealth preservation and market opportunities relative to each client’s distinct set of investment objectives, liquidity requirements, tax and estate planning, and philanthropic goals. The firm’s depth of industry experience, analytical skills and seasoned judgment allow it to serve its clients with an uncompromising standard of excellence.

Will you highlight the history and heritage of Offit Capital and how the firm has evolved?

Offit Capital started in July 2007, but the heritage of the firm really goes back to my father, Morris, and his experience in managing money for families and institutions at OFFITBANK, which was a firm he founded in 1980 and later sold in 1999. My brother, Dan, who co-founded Offit Capital with my father and me, tragically passed away from cancer in 2021, but he and I served as Co-CEOs of the firm until his passing. Dan’s legacy remains firmly grounded in everything that we do today and intend to do in the future.

Offit Capital is an outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) for wealthy individuals, families, and nonprofit institutions. We have 62 employees with offices in New York City and Los Angeles. We are independently owned by the Partners of our firm, which has allowed us to truly focus on our clients as we’ve grown and invested in our business over the past 15 plus years.

Investment professionalism is the foundation of our firm, and client service is our hallmark.

How do you define Offit Capital’s mission and purpose?

Offit Capital’s mission and purpose is to provide a flexible and customized approach to the OCIO space based on economic alignment with our clients, our investment acumen, and the depth and quality of engagement that we seek with our clients.

We want Offit Capital to be a great place to work, where our team is energized and passionate about what we do. Much of our senior leadership has been with the firm since our early days, which is a source of great pride for me.

Will you highlight Offit Capital’s investment process, and do you feel this is a differentiator for the firm?

As it relates to our investment process, the quality and experience of our senior team is the foundation upon which we start. We bring hands-on experience from the endowment and foundation management world, fixed income management, equity research and management, private equity, hedge fund, and real estate space, among other areas of expertise. We look to apply our collective seasoned judgment and deep network of relationships with robust analytical tools and data.

Our decision-making process as it relates to the work of our Investment Committee is robust and active, where the senior members of the firm are expected to be prepared, engage, and lead until we have arrived at a unanimous decision relating to an investment manager/strategy. What makes us a bit different is that those same senior members who are part of our Investment Committee also directly engage with our clients, which we believe deepens and enriches the client experience.

How critical is it for Offit Capital to build a diverse and inclusive workforce to bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the table when making business decisions?

Diversity and inclusiveness are ongoing firm priorities as we continue to grow our business and our team. We are proud of the team that we have built, but of course there is more work to do. We are seeing some outstanding young men and women through our summer internship program where we have partnered with certain colleges to help us identify students of color who have an interest in investment management.

What do you feel is Offit Capital’s responsibility to the communities it serves and to be a good corporate citizen?

Going back throughout our long history, the Offit name has proudly stood for integrity and trust. Our goodwill within the communities in which we serve goes beyond our investment professionalism and service standards, in that the Partners of our firm have a strong belief in supporting the communities in which we and our clients operate.

What do you see as the keys to effective leadership and how do you describe your management style?

I am a firm believer in giving talented people enough room to do what they do best. I am lucky in that our senior leadership is truly outstanding and fully invested in our mission. Their professionalism and enthusiasm for our business creates an environment where our broader team is energized and excited to get to work every day. My job as CEO is to give our senior team the support that it needs to compete at a high level. Having played competitive sports in college and throughout my life, there is nothing more satisfying than being part of a successful and high-performing team.

What advice do you offer to young people interested in a career in finance?

For a young person interested in finance, knowing how a potential job fits your relative strengths/weaknesses/areas of interest is key. Of course, there are so many paths that one could pursue in finance, but doing some work out of the gate and understanding what might fit a certain skillset and personality type is very important. I have always enjoyed engaging with young people on this topic as it tends to focus one’s area of pursuit, which is helpful.