Steven Fisher and Anthony O’Donnell, Titanium Construction Services, Inc.

Steven Fisher and Anthony O’Donnell

A Commitment to Quality

Editors’ Note

As a fourth-generation member of the Fisher family, one of New York’s legendary owner/builders, Steven Fisher has devoted his 40 years as a partner at Fisher Brothers to construction and development. He is Founder and President of Fisher Capital Investments and Partner of Fisher Brothers. He served as Chairman and CEO of Fisher Brothers subsidiary Plaza Construction Corporation until its April 2014 sale. Under his decades-long leadership, Fisher founded and transformed Plaza Construction into one of the city’s largest and most respected construction firms, growing it from an in-house division with revenues of $40 million to a company with annual revenues of more than $1 billion. Among his other pursuits, he is a Trustee of the Intrepid Museum Foundation, a Trustee member of the New York State Trooper Foundation, a Board Member of the Police Athletic League, a member of the Founder’s Circle of the New York City Police Museum, and a member of the Board of Managers for Urban America’s Urban II partnership with Fisher Brothers.

Anthony O’Donnell is responsible for providing an ever-evolving strategic direction; aligning business and operations initiatives with company goals; overseeing the management of projects and contract negotiations.

Company Brief

The mission of Titanium Construction Services (titaniumcs.com) is to serve as a leader in the industry, make a difference in the community and above all provide its clients with outstanding service through a collective commitment to core values. It has built a solid reputation based on its commitment to quality and passion for client satisfaction. The company expresses intense pride in its outstanding team of professionals who uphold the company’s integrity and maintain its track record of successful projects. More than 80 percent of the company’s work comes from repeat clients, proving the great value the company places on the relationships its people cultivate with developers and owners. Titanium maintains a primary directive of bringing safety as well as professionalism to every job site. The company has become a local leader in the industry by attracting and retaining highly-trained staff, remaining at the forefront of industry technologies, and by expanding its services to meet the needs of its clients from the ground up. As a fully insured, licensed and completely bondable construction management corporation, Titanium approaches each project with relentless accountability from the bid phase to completion.

Fisher Brothers Station House in Washington, D.C.

Station House in Washington, D.C.

Steven, with your long history as a leader in the construction industry, what excited you about becoming involved wth Titanium?

Fisher: After selling my company Plaza Construction to China Construction America (CCA), my five-year non-compete had ended. I realized how much I missed building, and even before my non-compete was up, many construction companies, developers and subcontractors were asking me when I was coming back into the business. I was approached by a few contracting companies to take an ownership position in them, but having known Anthony for more than 12 years and seeing the quality of work that he and the Titanium staff executes, I was attracted to the family culture which is how I treat all the ventures that I get involved with. I felt that my coming onboard was the missing piece of the puzzle to take Titanium to the next level.

Fisher Brothers NYU Law School

NYU Law School

Will you provide an overview of Titanium Construction?

O’Donnell: Founded in 1999, Titanium Construction Services has built a solid reputation on its commitment to quality and a passion for client satisfaction. While our growth has been substantial over the past decade, our founder and senior project managers still play a hands-on role managing the company’s various projects. At Titanium Construction Services, we are most proud of our outstanding team of professionals that uphold our company’s integrity and maintain our successful track record with each and every new project we undertake.

Titanium Construsction MTA Fulton

MTA Fulton

As Titanium grows, in this ever-changing industry, so does the height and square footage of our highly desirable and notable residences. Our strength is also evident in our financials. We are able to post payment and performance bonds equivalent or greater to the contract price of our projects.

With the recent addition of Steven Fisher as a director and partner of Titanium, this will bring great opportunity to the company based on his long history as an industry leader and builder.

Titanium Construction 30 Morningside Drive

30 Morningside Drive

How do you define what makes Titanium different in the industry?

Fisher: Titanium’s experience, integrity, teamwork, innovation, and unremitting enthusiasm not only provides solutions to project hindrances, but allows the company to foresee the obstacles before they impact the schedule and budget. Titanium’s efficiently right-sized in-house talent pool ranges from financial surety regulation and compliance to project risk management. These robust and diverse contributions are beneficial to clients not only during the construction phase, but pre-construction as well.

Titanium Construction 25 Broad Street

The lobby of 25 Broad Street

Will you discuss Titanium’s focus on safety?

O’Donnell: Titanium prides itself in providing high-quality contracting services for our clients while providing outstanding employment opportunities in a safe work environment. Our safety initiative has become part of Titanium’s close knit, family-oriented culture. Our employees and staff look out for one another as well as our clients. Our prime directive is to leave with the same well-being as when we arrived.

Under the tutelage of our risk engineers from Crum and Foster, Vela and The Hartford, we have developed a Safety Council which meets quarterly to discuss how our construction superintendents can identify safety concerns before they manifest themselves into incidents and/or injuries.

Titanium Construction The Sorting House at 318 West 52nd Street

The Sorting House at 318 West 52nd Street

Will you highlight the strength of Titanium’s workforce?

O’Donnell: We are committed to comprehending and embracing the latest technologies in construction methods and management to create and deliver innovative and sophisticated properties. Our team is comprised not only with construction veterans, but engineers and licensed architects familiar with the latest in construction protocols providing valuable cost control and detailing guidance to our clients. Our discerning clients value knowledge as much as the high-quality result in which that knowledge produces. With an average of six to eight projects under construction presently or at any one time, hundreds and hundreds of open-shop construction professionals assist us in delivering the utmost of client satisfaction on time and within budget.